Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Misc. STUFF... Weight tracking, etc

Here is my weights as recorded since the 3 days before my surgery, a pic I sent Raingirl the other day, and my tummy as of today. I'm almost all healed from the rashes, the incisions don't really itch anymore, and I did some mini-Pilates yesterday. My tummy wasn't quite as ready as my brain was to exercise!! I will need to verrrrrrryyyy slooooooowly increase my activity over the next 2 weeks or so, or I will be a hurtin' unit! It is difficult to wait because my knees, ankles, and feet feel so great that I just wanna MOVE!

Gotta plan for a new video now... I think I need to find someone to record for me and a good place to do a new full body recording. Maybe Raingirl can do it this weekend... :)

Going to start tanning today... I look like the ghostess with the mostest!! I really want to start wrapping with my toning IT WORKS! wraps, but my fear is I won't be able to get enough water in yet. So that is my goal for this week, regulate fluid intake so I can start firming and toning this skin up!!!

On a side note: my entire application for my major (marketing at the Milgard School of Business at University of Washington Tacoma) is in! Should be about 4 weeks to a decision...*fingers crossed*...

Until next time... M.C. :)

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