Monday, April 22, 2013

In celebration of no GMO's

Today I got my It Works! order, and now I have the Creamy Vanilla PROFit protein shake... Yay! I had it today with Unsweetened Organic Silk soy milk and even added a little water... Saved 15 calories over the Original Silk with the flavor of the Vanilla Silk that has even more calories, with no sacrifice on protein! This is great!! I don't wanna lose my hair OR get any weirdo diseases from GMO food!!!

I have tried to incorporate real food back into my diet, but man, my tummy is small!!!! Lol... I need to take it back down a notch and stick with my one-egg limit. I keep accidentally getting too much food (apparently one and a half boneless wings is too much!) and need to go back to measuring out my portions.

Anyhoo... Order your PROFit shake powder today from my website... Http:/ No GMO's... No gluten... No added sugar- this bad boy uses STEVIA. 14 grams of USABLE protein in every shake for only 100 calories. Mix with milk or soy milk if you're looking to ramp up the protein and/or calories. Chocolate and Vanilla... Check it out! US company too... Bradenton, FL. :)

P.S. I'm down 30 pounds and am 4 weeks post op tomorrow! Who wants a videeeeeeeoooooo?? ;)

Ciao! Michelle

P.S. again... Today is boycott GMO day, so make sure you vote with your dollar today and choose non GMO if you can!

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