Wednesday, January 16, 2013


This is so exciting! I think I am officially turning into an eBay addict. I put some things up for sale: some too big skiing pants, some shoes that never got worn and probably never will now (getting rid of shoes hurts!), a few miscellaneous things and some Organo Gold boxes for 10% off. But the real fun has been in my shopping....

I scored a water filter by Katadyn with a replacement filter for $55. It is slightly used but the replacement filter is new, and it still has the box and everything. That just saved me about $40. Super cool.

I scored a pair of worn-once outside so technically "pre-owned" trail runners for the summer part of my hike for $16 after shipping. That saved me... oh.... somewhere around $80. Cool-er. :)

I ordered the solar charger for my iPhone (so I can keep blogging for all of you fine people) for the on sale bargain price of $14.99 with free shipping!! Just a good deal, who cares about the savings.... so coooool.

But the best bestest thing about my finds is an alcohol stove with a windscreen made from a guy in Texas for $12.85!!! It is about the size of a hockey puck, and uses denatured alcohol as fuel. I will take pics when I get it.... That seriously just saved me about $150 plus all the dealing with finding fuel on the trail. THE COOLEST!!!

I went to storage today and got my pack. I stopped by The Ex's house to get the bear canister. I don't know that I can afford the weight in my pack, but he hates the damn thing, and you know what I hate? Bear hanging a pack. Lol... so I just inherited it. Oh damn it... I meant to grab my sleeping bag when I stopped by my folks. Oh well, next week. I am shooting for a pack weight of less than 40 lbs... I would be happier with 35. So, time to start getting all this stuff in there and getting a weight.... and then cutting weight from there. Most of you think I am nuts for trying to do this anyway, never mind doing it with everything I need to live in a 35 pound pack on my back!!

I probably am a little nuts. Or adventurous. Or maybe a little of both. :)

I figure it takes a little of both to be successful.

Until next update, ciao! <3 M.

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