Friday, January 11, 2013

I hate the gym.

So, I have determined after years of trying that I hate the gym. I hate everything about the gym. I hate physically going there. I hate exercising inside. I have determined that I would rather run or walk outside in the rain than inside on a treadmill... Or elliptical... Or whatever.

I guess it's time to bring the gym bag in from the car (you know, in case I can go to the gym on the way home... Lol!) and cancel the gym membership. I didn't like personal training- I don't need outside motivation, I need motivation OUTSIDE! I will just have to walk to and from school (that is 3 miles round trip) and get some longer walks in on my days off.

Ok, I'm done bitching now! Time to go back to eBay shopping... I'm GONNA win my bid on that water filter ;-)

This was from my phone... Hope it posts right... AdiĆ³s!! -Michelle

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