Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thank goodness it's over... lol...

So, it is 8:30 PST and they are already calling the election for Obama. Which I would be happy to hear EXCEPT that I think that is a little silly. Our voting closed precisely thirty-two minutes ago on the west coast... damn media just needing to have something for people to watch today. It ain't over until the concession speech, in my opinion. I am far more interested in what is said tomorrow! I hope that Ref 74 in Washington State is approved, and that Prop 37 in California is approved, and all candidates voted into all offices are cool with a woman's right to choose. Yeah, that about sums it up. I am about to pour me a Hot Apple Pie (aka cider, Tuaca, and whipped cream) and continue to flip between Fox News and MSNBC with LTB... and enjoy the ruckus. I coined a good phrase tonight on a friend's facebook...

The "ates"... debATE and educATE, don't hATE.

I am hoping that now we can be done with all this and get back to the business of fixing America for Americans... :) I hope that when this is all done, we can find a way to stop being so divided and realize that we are all looking for the same things, just with a different name. The amount of blue and red doing battle lately is making me feel like I am in the middle of a gang war in South Central!! LMAO! Let's get to healing and fixing, regardless of who wins.

On a different note, today I registered for my last official quarter at Tacoma Community College! At the end of winter quarter, I will have my direct transfer associates in Business and will be ready to start at U.W. in the Fall 2013 quarter. I do have to say that I am pretty gosh darn excited to have 2 quarters off between then though!! Time to build my businesses :)

And........ I got my Greens and It's Vital today.... my very own containers, not the ones "given" to me by my upline! I am excited to see what adding the It's Vital to my daily routine vs the OTC Costco multivitamins does. And I have been sending out Organo Gold samples like crazy... email me at michellecordes@me.com with your name and address if you want me to send you a free sample. The email is in to get my Wildtree items on their way... can't wait to share that with you. Check out my blog tomorrow... I have a big announcement for a challenge to you!!!!!!!!

Well, that Hot Apple Pie is calling my name.... Congrats, Mr. President.... I think..... lol....

Catch ya later, alligator! -M.

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