Wednesday, May 22, 2013

For those of you that aren't my "friend" on Facebook...

Just so you know, you don't have to be a facebook member to see my posts on Facebook... for the most part. The vast majority of my posts are set to public so that you can see without being a Facebook member. :) If  you want to look, this link will get you there, and then you can bookmark it. I put a lot of useful information on there because it is easier than updating my blog, most days.

Here is a copy of a lengthy post I just put up... I will expound more later as time goes on, but there are some really exciting things coming up with me, and you don't want to miss it!

REPOSTED FROM MY FACEBOOK PAGE: I know you guys may get sick of all the "It Works!" and "crazy wrap thing" that you keep hearing about. Let's face it, we all get inundated with everyone we know selling something! Let me explain to you why you should pay attention to this FROM ME- AND WHY I AM BETTER THAN THE PEOPLE AT PLACES LIKE GNC:

1. I have had a lifetime of experience dealing with weight loss, like many of you. I get it. We think we have heard it all... and many of us have. I can help guide you NO MATTER what your goals are.... read on...

2. You want health? I'm a junkie for it. I have now had a REAL Human Nutrition class, so I am aware of how what we put in our mouths affect our bodies on a cellular level. I can use what I know, combined with what you have tried, to come up with a custom plan that will get you maximum health benefits.

3. You want fitness advice? I have that too. In fact, I am considering taking a course to be a personal trainer this summer. And if I don't know, I know people who do. I can help you come up with a plan that will work in YOUR life- and I am not affiliated with a gym... no membership fees and no commitments. It all is a perk of being my customer.

4. You have tried everything, and you are healthy as a horse but are still gaining weight? Considering weight loss surgery? But maybe no insurance or your insurance won't cover it? Let's work together to get you where you want to be. Being a distributor for It Works could get you to the knowledge and income to get that surgery done... IT'S LIFE CHANGING.

5. You have made it to your goals, or close, but are not quite looking the way you want? I can help guide you to the products that will get you there, combined with the support to make it work for you....

IT REALLY WORKS... NOT JUST THE PRODUCT, BUT THE SUPPORT SYSTEM TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU. YES, YOU. I get not having time for parties, I am working on a "virtual party" to make that happen where you get to wrap in the privacy of your home and watch my presentation on video. See, I am interested in your success and will do ANYTHING it takes to help you get there...

As a loyal customer you get to buy at my price, get rewards points for future shopping, and get free shipping on certain orders! Plus the convenience of auto-ship to your door every month of whatever products you want... doesn't even always need to be the same things!

I think I may get my Masters in Nutrition... I am the real deal. I have managed a team of people before, so I am not an "upline" who will sign you and leave you on your own... This is my business and this is my life... not my hobby. I will help you every step of the way.... Inbox me for more details. Share this with your friends on your wall. Help me help you and everyone you know. I have been a distributor since September and ain't going anywhere- this is by far the best product I've found. It just happens to be an individual distributor product not sold in store fronts! (Which is a better business model, by the way... take it from the former salon owner and business major, storefronts are expensive!!) Click on my "About" section and check out my blog, YouTube video blog, and It Works! personal webpage....

Inbox me... right now... let's get you to where you want to be... YOUR WAY.


<3 Michelle

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