Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Not even enough going on to record!

Go check out my vlog stuff on YouTube... But in the meantime, there is really nothing much going on here. At the moment it's quite boring, and Raingirl is considering taking a nap!!! I got to the hospital this morning, got blood drawn, did some paperwork, and was taken to my room. Everyone is very friendly, although not everyone speaks great English. Language hasn't been a barrier though.
Now I am in my gown, IV in, some meds in... Kinda feeling loopy. My surgery is in like an hour or so. I'm still not nervous... I'm pretty bored. Lol... It will be nice to have it done. No liquids at all until tomorrow afternoon... But it's not bad now with the IV in. They gave me three of those lemon swab things. I think I'll keep those for after surgery... :)
I'll video as I can... Or when there is anything to show!! I am supposed to walk walk walk after the surgery. Maybe I'll be able to sneak in a video tour as I'm walking!
Hasta luego! M.

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