Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ride along on a college course with me!

As many of you may know, I'm a marketing student in the business school at University of Washington Tacoma. This quarter I have a class for my Applied Computing minor called Entrepreneurship and Technology. Part of this class is to blog, so instead of starting a new blog, I decided to use my current blog and bring you guys along for the ride. For those of you I know who are entrepreneurs, this part of my journey may help you out in some way just by reading... I certainly hope so!

First... One of my favorite images...

It is all a part of Life of Cordes :) Enjoy!

Assignment 1: What do I want out of this class...

Above everything, I'd like to explore ways to make my personal goals be realized via achieving my business goals. Being entrepreneurial at heart, these two sets of goals are closely related. My personal goals are to travel, and to be able to work on my own schedule from any location. It's ok if that is 60 hours a week, if it's from my hotel room in Italy! Long term, I want to share my knowledge, experience, and education with the nail industry at all levels; from the individual nail artist to international suppliers, and be able to make a living doing so. The beauty industry, and especially the nail industry, is way behind the curve of technology that many other industries are already using in the mainstream. I would like to use my knowledge of the industry and technology to further the use of technology some meaningful way.

Which brings me to my goals for this class- primarily, I would like to explore options to monetize my industry experience besides actually doing services on clients. I would like to learn how the infrastructure of tech companies works, and explore paths to bring that infrastructure and technology to the nail industry. And even if I don't plan on using them, I would like to learn what types of funding avenues are available for business startup and how that relationship normally works. 

I think the experience of this class at this point in my college education could serve to play a key role in developing my professional path from here. This class has really gotten my brain working on how to use my experience and skill set to start my own company, and really utilizing my minor. 

Next up... my thoughts on the movie ""... don't miss it!

Here's to a great quarter!  

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